Timo Hoyer


Inventory Management App 

Business Transformation  

Simplifying inventory counts.

Inventory Management, Goods Receipt and Transfer are cumbersome tasks that every T-Mobile store team spends several hours per week on.

Reframing Problems

Field study and user research.

To understand users’ pain points and needs of the as-is process, we flew out to the T-Mobile headquarters in Bellevue to interview several users at local stores, observing them doing their job and familiarzing ourselves with the task.

Details Matter  

Micro-interactions for instant feedback.

After driving research insights, I led the design for a native iOS app in close alignment with users. The main goal was to make data entry and the count of hundreds of items simple, fast and delightful.



ROI of simple design.

We reduced the time to complete an inventory count session from 6+ hours to 30 minutes or less. Additionally, this job is now more fun and rewarding as users will be accomplishing goals in small increments.

“The response of field users was extremely positive.”
—Business Lead, T-Mobile