Timo Hoyer


Inventory Management App

Inventory Management, Goods Receipt and Transfer are cumbersome tasks that every T-Mobile store team spends several hours per week on.

After driving research insights, I led the design for a native iOS app in close alignment with the customer. The main goal was to make data entry and the count of hundreds of items simple, fast and delightful.

︎ A basic user object model.

To understand users’ pain points and needs of the as-is process, we flew out to the headquarters in Bellevue, WA to interview several users on-site, observing them doing their job.

This on-hands experience was an integral part for the success of the experience. We reduced the time to complete an inventory count session from ca. 6 hours to ca. 30 minutes.


“The response of field users was extremely positive.”

—Business Lead, T-Mobile