Timo Hoyer

Fiori for iOS

Design Language, Apple Partnership

The Problem Space
”How might we evolve SAP Fiori into iOS meaningfully and leverage iOS technologies in order to empower our customers and their workers in completely new ways?”

The Solution
In a partnership with the UX team at Apple we went all-in to find answers to this question. During the 6-month long collaboration in Cupertino, I have led the product design for one of five front runner apps in the Global Design group by ways of engaging in design sprints. 

The product vision was to make this app to become a daily companion for project managers.

To keep it simple, administrative tasks like setting up projects, long conversations, setting up meetings, recording time, booking travel, maintaining travel expenses etc. were defined out of scope.

︎ Main screens of the Project Manager app.

︎ The app was designed to display most relevent objects front and center.

17 user interviews, 4 workshops and many hours of iteration later our app became partially the direction for the design language.

The modular approach of grouping and dividing content into chunks was key in making complex enterprise information more consumable.