Timo Hoyer

Fiori for iOS

Design Language; Apple Partnership

Reframing Problems

An SDK to enable our customers.

“How might we evolve SAP Fiori into iOS meaningfully and leverage iOS technologies in order to empower our customers and their workers in completely new ways?”

Design Process

Design sprints help to iterate quickly.

We partnered with the Human Interface Design group at Apple over a period of 6 months conducting design sprint workshops, to define a cohesive language. The premise was to create multiple front runner apps which I have led the design of one of them.

iOS Technology

Reduction was key.

To keep the app clean, we defined administrative tasks out of scope. We leveraged many of the latest iOS technologies like 3D Touch, Quick actions and simple data entry.

iOS Technology


The modular approach of grouping and dividing content into chunks was key in making complex, diverse enterprise information more consumable. This is how we ended up at a cohesive yet flexible design system.