Timo Hoyer

Enjoy your Meal

Mobile App Concept

A Typical User

“I don’t like forms.”

If we can enrich a dining experience by providing Julia with a way of saving money while allowing her to give feedback, we could win her attention.

User Object Model

Starting with a clear information architecture.

Based on the learnings of the interviews and collecting all objects the system will be comprised of, we can structure the library of information. This allows for a comprehensive foundation for communicating with engineering and product.

Conversational UI

Using common communication channels.

By allowing Julia to text and tap a few buttons, providing feedback is much more integrated. Keeping it short and incentivizing the task, chances are higher that the app will be used.

User Feedback

“I want to keep the memory.”

Testing mid-stage prototypes helped to understand where there are gaps or where we could declutter. Feedback for additional scope was expressed and considered, like taking pictures and saving them to the entry was a nice-to-have.

Design Direction

Organic color scheme.

The idea for the visual design direction was to communicate a fresh, food related look and feel. Different color palettes have been explored to arrive at the proposed direction.