Timo Hoyer

SAP Connected Goods

Software Powering Large-scale IoT Operations

Reframing Problems

Detangling complexity.

Starting with understanding the key pain points of regional sales managers and distribution partners was integral in tailoring an experience that will make users more efficient.

Templated Approach

Modular design system: ensuring consistency.

Good usability is when users can rely on conformity of modules throughout the application and when analytics seems familiar—regardless of the nature of the sensor-carrying device.

Geolocation Context

Enhancing human expertise with machine learning.

Radial-selection filtering, a powerful rule engine, anomaly detection and a deep integration with SAP’s intelligent enterprise, allow users to gain real-time data insights coupled with business reports.

Iterative Modeling

An intuitive design language for a large set of disparate devices.

In various workshops, the design team produced iterations on the map view, incorporating new mapping systems and scaling back the density of the interface.

Progressive Disclosure

From smart things to intelligent outcomes.

Computer Vision technology records and detects changes in vending machine activity and surfaces outliers to the user.