Timo Hoyer

Connected Goods

Software Powering Large-scale Commercial Operations

Connected Goods is a cloud based solution that was designed to maximize the value of smart connected devices through central monitoring and control.

We have successfully positioned the app as one of the key products in the Internet of Things landscape of SAP — also by leading the product design direction to be simple yet powerful.

︎ Object detail of a silo and its sensor data.

We had the privilege ensured to conduct thorough user research and iterated closely with customers like Red Bull and Hilti.

Additionally, the design team produced a further iteration on the map view, incorporating the suggested mapping language and scaling back the density of the interface.

︎ Radial selection of a set of smart cooler devices.

︎ Wireframes of a portion of a user flow revolving around map-centric focus areas.

One of the primary challenges of this work was making sense of a vast amount of requirements with regards to mapping real-time data on a large scale.

Creating a consistent and intuitive language for a large set of disparate devices, while keeping the design accessible and inclusive, required a lot of research and iteration with stakeholders.

︎Mapping language and permutations for various device types and moving objects.